A downloadable Visual Novel for Windows

RoadTrippie follows 4 recent high-school graduates on a road trip that gets turned upside-down! RoadTrippie forges an exciting narrative and unforgettable characters that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions!

The group has a variety of characters - the crazy, the rational, the nerdy and the brawny. The story revolves around the group that encounters a magical shard which has the power of teleportation! They get sent to a parallel universe which they have to venture out of. RoadTrippie uses a visual novel-style gameplay with point and click mechanics, which are all used in a way to deepen the narrative.

Kate McNamara - @Chefkay

Kristian Bongo - @Kris_Alvin_

Hugh Carroll - @HughC170


RoadTrippie BETA.zip 72 MB

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